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Duo feat. Tracyanne Campbell (Camera Obscura) and Danny Coughlan (Crybaby)

Tracyanne & Danny – Tracyanne & Danny

Pre-Order for Pickup at Record Breakers, 2935 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60618, beginning 25 May 2018. Limited edition, indie-only, single LP on opaque red vinyl. Includes bonus 7″ with “Baby’s Got it Bad” b/w “Can’t Get Over You” on black vinyl. Includes coupon for full download. Limited to 1,000 copies in the USA. UPC : 673855062709.



Tracyanne & Danny is a new collaborative project between singer-songwriters Tracyanne Campbell (Camera Obscura) and Danny Coughlan (Crybaby).  Tracyanne hails from Glasgow, Scotland. London-born Danny is based in Bristol, England.

Their paths first crossed in 2013 when introduced by mutual music industry pals. Tracyanne dug Danny’s Crybaby album (released on Helium Records) and invited him to open some Camera Obscura shows in the UK.  Mutual artistic respect led to the swapping of song ideas, but tentative plans to work together were set aside while Camera Obscura wrote, recorded, released, and promoted their fifth album Desire Lines.

Following the death of Camera Obscura’s Carey Lander, all band activity stopped. Time passed.  Tracyanne and Danny revisited the idea of collaborating.  A pool of songs were honed and crafted. On the suggestion of their manager (and Teenage Fanclub drummer) Francis Macdonald, they recorded at Clashnarrow, a studio in Helmsdale in the highlands of Scotland owned by the esteemed Edwyn Collins.