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Montréal group’s Merge Records Début, out 16 February 2018.

Ought – “Room Inside the World” [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Peak Vinyl]

Pre-Order for Pickup at Record Breakers, 2935 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60618, beginning 16 February 2018. Limited edition, indie-only, single LP on white vinyl. Includes 12″ x 12″ printed insert and coupon for full digital download. UPC : 673855060804. All Pre-orders include an Ought sticker, while supplies last.



On Room Inside the WorldOught’s third album and their first for Merge—growing up doesn’t mean mellowing out so much as it means learning to pay attention, listening carefully and openly, staying somewhere long enough to really understand where you are. Recorded at Rare Book Room in Brooklyn with producer Nicolas Vernhes (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Silver Jews), Room Inside the World explores themes that have always concerned the band—identity, connection, survival in a precarious world—but with a bolder, more nuanced sound palette. Vibraphone, justly intonated synthesizers, drum machines, and a 70-piece choir suffuse the precise post-punk breakdowns that spangled Ought’s first two albums, giving rise to an emotional complexity that pushes their characteristically taut sound to greater depths. 

Chapel Hill Veterans’ latest album with Merge, out 16 February 2018

Superchunk – “What a Time to Be Alive” [Limited Edition, Indie Only Peak Vinyl]

Pre-Order for Pickup at Record Breakers, 2935 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60618, beginning 16 February 2018. Limited edition, indie-only, single LP on pink in clear vinyl. Includes coupon for full digital download. UPC : 673855062006. All Pre-orders include a 12″ x 24″ inch poster, signed by the band members.



After the shocking, and for many, demoralizing result of the 2016 election, “I didn’t buy the silver lining some were promoting that ‘well, at least art and music will be great now!’,” says Superchunk co-founder and frontman Mac McCaughan. “Obviously, any sane person would gladly trade four to eight years of terrible music for not having our country dismantled to satisfy the whims of a vengeful child and his enablers.”

Indeed, like so much of Superchunk’s music in the band’s nearly three decades together, the songs on What a Time to Be Alive meet rage and anxiety head-on with the catharsis and exhilaration of loud punk fire and vulnerable pop energy. Like 2013’s I Hate Music, which focused on death, loss, and the role of music in an aging life, the new record brings spirit to the frontlines of pain—it’s as defiant as it is despairing, as much a call to arms as a throwing up of hands.

Jersey group’s latest out on Merge Records

Titus Andronicus – “A Productive Cough”

Pre-Order for Pickup at Record Breakers, 2935 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60618, beginning 02 March 2018. Limited edition, indie-only, single LP on blue and grey swirl vinyl. Includes bonus 7″ with “”(I’m) like a Rolling Stone” on black vinyl in a stock white paper sleeve. Includes coupon for full download. UPC : 673855060606.



Since debuting in 2008, Titus Andronicus has been conditioning faithful listeners to always expect only the unexpected, consistently zigging where others would zag and maintaining a steadfast dedication to fearless ambition. With the March 2 release of the new studio album A Productive Cough on Merge Records, Titus Andronicus has executed the most shocking departure yet—but only if, as ever mercurial singer-songwriter Patrick Stickles insists, “you haven’t been paying attention.”

In a move that may infuriate the black-denim-and-PBR set, A Productive Cough finds the band setting aside the leadfooted punk anthems of yesteryear in favor of a subtler, more spacious approach that pushes Stickles’ soul-baring songwriting to the fore, creating a conversational intimacy between artist and audience with which previous Titus Andronicus’ efforts had only flirted.

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Shows & Events


Sat // 13 January // 4 p.m.
Inventors // Fieldmates // Wet Wallet

Facebook Event Here.


Sat // 20 January // 4 p.m.
Namorado // Side Hug // Poplife

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Sat // 27 January // 4 p.m.
So Pretty // Espejos // Bev Rage and the Drinks

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Sat // 03 February // 4 p.m.
Kevin and Hell // Gal Gun // Cherry Cherry Bomb

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Sat // 17 February // 4 p.m.
Dude Same // Dogs at Large // Squid // Ex Okays

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Record Breakers
2935 N. Milwaukee Ave.
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About Us


Record Breakers started thirty years ago in 1988 as a suburb storefront in Hoffman Estates, IL.  In 2007, then-owner Robby Glick migrated Breakers to Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood, where it took up residence on the second floor of Reggies – an all-in-one bar, concert venue, record store and rooftop bar.  After nearly 10 years at 2105 S. State St, Robby has passed the ownership torch to long-time employees Colin Brennan and Eric Kratz, and under this new ownership, Breakers has relocated once more to a brand new storefront home: this time on Milwaukee Avenue in Avondale.*

We buy, sell and trade used vinyl and cassettes, and offer up an impressive selection of band t-shirts, turntables and collectibles – band stickers, patches and posters.

Swing by Record Breakers to check out our collection of new and used vinyl, everything from Jefferson Airplane to Edith Piaf to Merle Haggard, as well as the new releases everyone’s talking about. Stay tuned for an upcoming monthly showcase featuring local bands in our all-ages space.

*Fun fact: Breakers is now in the space that once housed Blind Pig Records. Our space has a lot of creative history. Stop in and visit to learn more.

Colin “CB” Brennan

Currently Spinning:

The new WAND record, and Jerry Reed always. Oh, and WDCB 90.9.

Best venue to see a live show in Chicago:

Nothing feels more like home than Reggies and the Save More Lounge.

I play ______ in ________.


Beverage of choice:

Beer from ODell Brewing Co., from Ft. Collins, CO.

How I want to leave this Earth:

Mac ‘n cheese.

Eric “Kratz” Kratz

Currently Spinning:

Metz, Freakonomics, Oxbow, Lee Morgan.

Best venue to see a live show in Chicago:

Empty Bottle.

I play ______ in ________.


Beverage of choice:


How I want to leave this Earth: