Grand Re-Opening

The space was finished, floors swept and dusted, Tiffany lamp strung up in its corner, local artwork hung on the walls.  Friends and family took photos as CB unlocked the metal grates and flipped the sign to “open” for the first time.  The sunny afternoon was perfect, and we put a record on the turntable.  Record Breakers had finally re-opened its doors.  

Not knowing exactly what to expect, we watched as people trickled in :  friends, family, the Reggies Crew and a few curious locals wondering what had become of the new storefront.  Within an hour, the store was filled to capacity.  People crowded the racks and the snack table, munching on macaroni, corn muffins and chips.  John from Jackalope Coffee & Tea House provided doughnuts and coffee for “record shopping fuel.”  Thanks to Sluggo, Brit and Michelle, cold brews were provided in a pinch from Revolution Brewery, when we thought we wouldn’t have beer. 😧

Local jazz trio, Bracket, broke in the new space with two, hour-long sets on the wooden stage in the back of the room.  Without a PA, the acoustic sounds of horn, drums and bass drifted to the front without trouble.  Having so many friends and family in the same place at the same time made the Grand Re-Opening extra special, since so many of our friends and family are rarely in the same place.  Thanks for coming out and helping us celebrate !  It was great to see you all.  

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