RSD 2018

Record Breakers’ first RSD in the new Avondale location began at 7 a.m. after all the boxes of new releases had been unpacked and shelved.

People started trickling in, and by noon bands were taking the little stage in the back : Speed Babes, Blue Dream, Avantist, Magicks, TV Moms (visiting from Minneapolis), Alouette, then Lasers and Fast and Shit.  The front counter was surrounded all day by the steady beep-sound of records being rung up at the register until the front doors were locked for the night.

Thanks to everyone who came out this RSD 2018 to pick up some records and listen to some tunes !  Cheers to warm weather coming and lazy weekends hanging around Avondale eating pizza, getting a drink and listening to some vinyl.  🌴🌊🍸

(Photos : L to R, clockwise : Blue Dream, Lever, Magicks, Speed Babes.  Photos by Charles Pearson).

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