First In-Store and Opening Sale

Whew, it was a busy weekend at Breakers ! Thanks to all the people who came through and checked out the show or bought some records (and sorry-not-sorry to your wallets !).

On Saturday, the Vytyls took the stage, standing around a fold-out table covered with synth keyboards and oscillators, an 8-channel mixer and two lap tops.  Without vocals and with only slight glances and visual cues, the duo made improvised bass beats interspersed with vocal-track clips and alien noises.  Their atonal IDM shook the subs and the wooden floorboards of the stage they were standing on.

So the unconscious goal of this show might have been to reject the tried-and-tired “beat group” (guitar, bass, drums).  GOSH, the second band featured two members, guitar and bass, facing each other and sitting on chairs with drum machine.  They sang through two mics saturated in reverb and delay, while they created a Royal Trux-like cacophony intermixed with Suicide melodies and Velvet Underground, open-chord cool.

The shop filled up like Saturday was Opening Day all over again (well almost, but a LOT of people did visit the shop).  Thanks to news outlets, TimeOut Chicago and DNA Info, people knew where to find us.  Especially Saturday, all day long, people trickled in and out steadily, some walking up to the counter with a respectable stack of records and ready to cash in on their discount before going home to get those vinyls-a-spinnin’.

Record Breakers’ next in-store will be Saturday, 21 October at 4 p.m., this time featuring Chicago locals Daymaker, Le Tour and Wavy ID.  We’ve got a few other events in the works, so keep up to date with us online or stop by the shop to ask us what’s up. ♥

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