First In-Store and Opening Sale

Whew, it was a busy weekend at Breakers ! Thanks to all the people who came through and checked out the show or bought some records (and sorry-not-sorry to your wallets !).

On Saturday, the Vytyls took the stage, standing around a fold-out table covered with synth keyboards and oscillators, an 8-channel mixer and two lap tops.  Without vocals and with only slight glances and visual cues, the duo made improvised bass beats interspersed with vocal-track clips and alien noises.  Their atonal IDM shook the subs and the wooden floorboards of the stage they were standing on.

So the unconscious goal of this show might have been to reject the tried-and-tired “beat group” (guitar, bass, drums).  GOSH, the second band featured two members, guitar and bass, facing each other and sitting on chairs with drum machine.  They sang through two mics saturated in reverb and delay, while they created a Royal Trux-like cacophony intermixed with Suicide melodies and Velvet Underground, open-chord cool.

The shop filled up like Saturday was Opening Day all over again (well almost, but a LOT of people did visit the shop).  Thanks to news outlets, TimeOut Chicago and DNA Info, people knew where to find us.  Especially Saturday, all day long, people trickled in and out steadily, some walking up to the counter with a respectable stack of records and ready to cash in on their discount before going home to get those vinyls-a-spinnin’.

Record Breakers’ next in-store will be Saturday, 21 October at 4 p.m., this time featuring Chicago locals Daymaker, Le Tour and Wavy ID.  We’ve got a few other events in the works, so keep up to date with us online or stop by the shop to ask us what’s up. ♥

New Arrivals – September


  • We’ve got New York City gypsy-punks’ latest, “Seekers and Finders” from Gogol Bordello : good if you’re into punk but looking for a little something more eclectic.
  • Next up is California sisters, HAIM, and their sophomore album, “Something to Tell You” : more infectious pop-rock for your collection and post-relationship blues.
  • A restock of our generation’s most ambitious rapper (?) or at least the most willing to experiment with genre.  “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” – Kanye West.
  • Home-recording guru and lo-fi multiinstrumentalist, Ariel Pink’s third album : “Dedicated to Bobby Jameson.”
  • Kentucky alt-rockers who, if we didn’t know better, sound as if they’re from Manchester in the United Kingdom, Cage the Elephant’s, “Unpeeled.”
  • And finally, Paramore, which has gone electronic and 80’s synthpop on their latest album, “After Laughter.IMG_20170924_133243_253
  • New Releases and Old Favorites from Chicago’s own Drag City Records, including Royal Trux, Jim O’Rourke and new “Plum” from Wand and “Crew Licks” from Dead Rider.

Lively Last Weekend of September

If you haven’t already come by to check out the new space, the last weekend of September is THE time to do it.  We’re hosting our first in-store show in the new storefront.  Chicago locals GOSH, minimalist dream pop, and Vytyls, atonal IDM, will take the stage from 4 to 6 p.m. on Saturday, 30 September.

This is the first show in a monthly showcase that will feature local and touring D.I.Y. bands.  All of the shows are free and all ages.

If the in-store show on Saturday isn’t doable, we’re also hosting an Opening
Sale the entire weekend with used vinyl 20% off and new vinyl 10% off.  The Opening Sale will run from from Friday, 29 September to Sunday, 1 October.  The last weekend of September is going to be a lively one in the new storefront !  Stop by and discover some new, local music or just pick up some vinyl on the cheap.

What’s New – July Releases

So everyone knows Breakers has a pretty nifty collection of previously-owned records – you can find anything from Parliament to Stan Getz to Thin Lizzy.  BUT we’ve also got all the new stuff for which you’ve impatiently been counting the days on the calendar :


Check out new releases for July – including Girlpool, Imagine Dragons, Charles Lloyd Quartet, the Sid & Nancy soundtrack “Love Kills,” and Sampha.


And what kind of record store would we be if we didn’t include new releases from local bands ? Come by, chat a bit and pick up your copy of “Errors” by Chicago’s own Absolutely Not.  Note : The Melvins double EP, “A Walk with Love and Death,” also released this month, is a worthy contender to be the next addition to your record collection.

Breakers is Moving

The rumors are indeed true.  Breakers is moving to a new home, a store front at 2935 N Milwaukee Ave in the Avondale neighborhood.  While the Breakers crew is busy gutting and rehabbing our new home, check back here (or better come and visit us in-store !) to see how things are going.  Thank you to Robby and the Reggies crew for the past ten years on the second floor of 2105 South State Street.  From all of us at Breakers – we’ll miss the shows downstairs vibrating the floors and the TACOS (like really really miss ’em). breakers_flyer