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First In-Store and Opening Sale

Whew, it was a busy weekend at Breakers ! Thanks to all the people who came through and checked out the show or bought some records (and sorry-not-sorry to your wallets !). On Saturday, the Vytyls took the stage, standing around a fold-out table covered with synth keyboards and oscillators, an 8-channel mixer and two … Continue reading First In-Store and Opening Sale

New Arrivals – September

We've got New York City gypsy-punks' latest, "Seekers and Finders" from Gogol Bordello : good if you're into punk but looking for a little something more eclectic. Next up is California sisters, HAIM, and their sophomore album, "Something to Tell You" : more infectious pop-rock for your collection and post-relationship blues. A restock of our … Continue reading New Arrivals – September

Lively Last Weekend of September

If you haven't already come by to check out the new space, the last weekend of September is THE time to do it.  We're hosting our first in-store show in the new storefront.  Chicago locals GOSH, minimalist dream pop, and Vytyls, atonal IDM, will take the stage from 4 to 6 p.m. on Saturday, 30 … Continue reading Lively Last Weekend of September